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First Blog Post - Welcome

Dear all,

I used to write many articles in magazines such as - Practical Fish Keeping, Tropical Fish Keeper, expert panelist for Marine Habitat Magazine and tens of other publications in the food, fisheries and agriculture industries. I miss writing and I feel I have a unique perspective on the aquatics trade, and with my background in aquaculture and marine biology I often have a different view on subjects in the ornamental aquatics trade coming from both decades of experience working in the ornamental trade whilst simultaneously designing cutting edge aquaculture systems for new species. is a business I set up because I could see a growing market in mostly the ornamental trade to incorporate aquaculture level water quality management, automation and basic science to drive forward fish systems that are not only efficient but they look great in the shops. Our mission is to try and offer more advanced systems, more cost effective with a quicker lead time than other system providers. My company Universal Aqua has been established for over 20 years building bespoke systems and we are looking forward to launching our new range of fish systems which will be concentrating on lower running costs - i.e. heat retention and algae reduction technology.

Depending on where I am in the country I'll try and blog every two to three weeks on subjects that will hopefully be helpful to the aquatics trade and if not helpful then interesting topics about projects / pioneering aquaculture tech / global environmental issues / fish health and welfare.

As ever, as always

Ben Francis-Woodward (my name on linkedin)

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