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Welcome to our world of high-quality, high-efficiency aquatic systems. Specialising in shop fitting for the aquatic industry, we cater to a diverse clientele, including pet retail outlets, universities, public aquariums, and zebrafish hatcheries for cancer research.

Leveraging our unrivalled expertise in filtration fundamentals, we craft advanced fish racks and premium fibreglass pond systems. The systems we provide for aquatic shop fitting not only promote optimal fish health and implement advanced algae reduction techniques, but also require minimal maintenance. All this comes to you at highly competitive prices.

In our continued commitment to sustainability, we're proud to introduce our latest range of systems. These designs significantly reduce your carbon footprint by capturing lost light and heat and thus save money on running costs.


In line with our mission to contribute to a healthier planet, we pledge to give back 5% of our sales from our own margin to non-profit environmental charities. These charities champion sustainable fish farming and work to improve freshwater environments in economically disadvantaged regions.

Join us in our journey to revolutionise aquatic systems while making a meaningful difference to our environment.

At our company, we're not just claiming to be leading experts – we truly live up to that statement. When you entrust us with your aquatic system needs, you gain the unmatched support of degree-qualified specialists with expertise in marine biology, aquaculture, and ornamental fish management.

Our aquatic systems embody the perfect blend of elegance, cutting-edge technology, and highly competitive pricing. A testament to our excellence is our impressive portfolio of past clients, including esteemed names such as The Sea Life Centre, Maidenhead Aquatics, Squires Garden Centres, Tropical Marine Centre, and Interserve, among others.

Our Director, Ben Woodward BSc (Hons), has been recognised at the highest levels, having delivered expert insights at on sustainable fish farming techniques in Africa at prestigious forums including the House of Lords and the United Nations.

We've leveraged our aquaculture knowledge to revolutionise the ornamental aquatics trade. The systems we create outshine a lot of counterparts by offering lower maintenance, reduced algae, improved fish health, and decreased running costs. Furthermore, we're committed to sustainability, ensuring our systems are designed with minimal plastic usage and a significantly lower carbon footprint as our systems are made in the UK.

Experience the future of aquatic systems today with us, where we're translating tomorrow's possibilities into today's realities.

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How are our Systems Different?
Little Fish

We calculate the surface area to volume ratio of all of our systems from a small goldfish rack in a pet shop all the way to a public aquarium fit out, we believe all systems no matter how small should be as efficient as possible to maintain optimum fish health and reduce daily maintenance.

Our Expertise
Credit Assessment

Fine tuned to increase retail profits -

Less algae = less staff maintenance costs

Increased fish health = less fish losses / increased public reputation

Lower wattage equipment = lower running costs

Competitivly priced and built to last = less capital outlay and long term savings

01273 468 415

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