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Pond Fish Systems and Public Attractions

Pond Fish

We build custom made pond fish systems for aquatic shops and have done for over fifteen years, we can use plastic cladding or timber cladding with high pressure class C pipe work and over rated modern filtration systems. 

Our past clients have included Maidenhead Aquatics and Squires Garden Centre's.

Public Attractions

We can build aquarium & terrarium enclosures for all animals and mammals such as penguins, alligators, elephant ponds and moats, concentrating on the long term aesthetics and ease of maintenance, you can rely upon us to build you world class enclosures that not only look amazing, they last the test of time.  

Life Support Systems

We can install from new or retrofit filtration to existing systems in order to maximise the efficiency of your aquariums, pond systems and fish farms. 


Remember, using us for an install is just the beginning; we are there to offer expert support when it comes to water quality management, maximising fish health and welfare, staff training programs and long term maintenance should it arise. 

01273 468 415

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