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Aquarium Rack Systems for Pet Retail

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Drawing from our profound expertise in aquaculture, we've developed state-of-the-art fish racking systems tailored for the standard aquatic retail market. Our versatile offerings include 2, 3, or 4-tier systems, accommodating a wide array of tank sizes and water depths to meet your specific needs. We offer the flexibility of customising the livery to align with your company colours or allowing you to design your own system. Additionally, we provide professional guidance on the selection of filtration systems.

Committed to delivering value, we operate a Price Beating Policy, endeavouring to outmatch any like-for-like system price from our competitors. However, we don't stop at just the price - we strive to surpass our competitors on lead times, service, and overall system efficiency.


Our aquarium display units are low maintenance – very easy to clean and maintain filtration systems, we have a simple valve system so members of staff can be trained very quickly to perform routine maintenance which where possible the waste water can be sent direct to a drain and be automatically topped up.

Low running costs – lower wattage lighting and pumps, we are currently developing a fish racking system called the 'eco range' which should be ready to roll out by the end of 2022, concentrating on minimising running costs of your fish racking systems. 

Lower algae technology and techniques – understanding that the less algae fish rack systems have the more time staff can spend being productive in other areas such as sales.

Algae is a staple food in aquaculture and one of the most important aspects to consider in all aquatic systems. With a scientific understanding of the different valences of nutrients algae assimilates we can limit the key catalysts which cause algal growth in aquarium rack systems. If you follow our expert advice, use our food specifically designed for aquatic retail (low NPK ratio) then you will see a huge drop in algae growth compared to other aquatic systems on the market.


Efficient Filtration – Our systems use a mix of dynamic media coupled with a static bed; the surface area to volume ratios have all been worked out – see article for further information ‘understanding efficient filtration’.


Lower chance of disease – most fish diseases are harboured in the filtration, when the immune systems drop in the fish from changes in water parameters such as pH, nitrogenous wastes or transport, the diseases see an opportunity and attack, the background levels of these diseases can be kept lower with an understanding of the microbial diversity in a filtration system. A common mistake in aquatic retail is to have too much anaerobic (heterotrophic) bacterial action which is efficient but harbours disease, the flip side is too much autotrophic bacteria although lower in disease concentration can cause problems with Nitrite NO2- spikes an pH crashes, we have a clear understanding of the delicate balance between the two – again see ‘understanding efficient filtration’ article.


Giving back to nature stamp – be proud to tell your customers a percentage of the installation has gone into a non-profit fund which is used to provide equipment, skills and training in developing countries in order for them to continue to breed ornamental fish to sustain their livelihoods. We take pride in our Giving Back to Nature initiative. A percentage of the installation cost is invested into a non-profit fund which provides equipment, skills, and training to developing countries, enabling sustainable breeding of ornamental fish. This initiative not only supports these communities but also enhances your company image, highlighting your commitment to sustainability. You also have the option to contribute a small percentage of your fish sales, even as low as 1%, to this cause. This completely non-profit initiative is a testament to our passion for the future of sustainable fish production and the ornamental fish trade.

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